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“My name is Patricia, Publisher of The Sober World.”

I am the mother of an addict who overdosed on a prescription drug at a young age, a tragedy that no parent expects or forgets; but this inspired me to help the thousands of other families that are struggling with addiction. I started the magazine and website in 2012, in memory of Steven.

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The Sober World is a FREE magazine for families and parents who have loved ones with addiction problems. For advertising opportunities in our magazine or on our website, please contact Patricia at 1-561-910-1943. Again, I would like to thank all my advertisers that have made this magazine possible and have given us the ability to reach people around the world that are affected by drug or alcohol abuse. I cant tell you all the people that have reached out to thank us for providing this publication wonderful resource.


“We welcome contributions to our mission either as subscribers, contributors or professional organizations, so feel free to contact us today. My son Steven, for whom this magazine is dedicated, would thank you, as I do.” – Patricia Rosen


The Magazine.

The Sober World Magazine is published monthly using an educational and informative approach as an outreach to parents, families, groups and others coping with the drug and alcohol addiction of loved ones. The magazine is presented in full-color, with an attractive cover that changes to reflect the upcoming month and season. We are a pioneering tool in battling the stigma of addiction, and with your support, we can turn the tide. Use the Sober World to get the help you need, in every field covering treatment and prevention. Here, and in our magazine, you will find professionals in your area offering intervention, detox treatment, in and outpatient treatment, counseling, sober living, and more.


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Steven. Our Inspiration.

He was a brilliant young man and had everything to live for. Taking a drug, not realizing the effect it would have over him, and not understanding the difficulty of stopping it, was the beginning of an end we never expected. I want you to know that there are countless Stevens going through the same thing, near you, in your state and around the world. It is an epidemic in our country, with pharmaceutical drug abuse the major cause.

Young people are dying. Unfortunately, many young people think because a doctor has given them a prescription for pills that the drug must be okay, or that if it’s in your medicine cabinet that it must be safe. We need to educate them to know that not all doctors have their patients best interest at heart, nor can they watch your medicine cabinet and that drugs like oxycontin are similar to heroin. They are extremely dangerous, and not taken properly can cause addiction, or, as it happened to my family, even death.

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So Recovery Friends, please come and support Patricia at THE SOBER WORLD Magazine! I will be contributing articles for her about being a “dual diagnosed” living life in recovery from gambling addiction and alcohol with mental health. Our kids are dying, we are all in this together! “Let’s Talk About It!”

Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author/Writer ~ Advocate