Another Fabulous Blog Award ~~ YES…you can be Fabulous in Recovery!


I have decided to TURN my AWARDS POST into an NEW Awards Page….WHY?
Because my Awesome Pals keep showing me LUV and Nominating me for More of them. I’m SO Blessed and Humbled by all The Awards & Nominations I receive.

WHY?…It makes me feel GOOD that others really are interested in what I Blog about, which at times can be DULL Subject Matter to read. I TRY  to put some humor into where I can, but I missed COMEDY SCHOOL!!

I do find that MYSELF, and Many others FEEL, the only way to *SHATTER the STIGMA* around others who suffer from ANY type of Addiction, or being a person in Recovery, And/Or,  someone who BATTLES ANY type of Mental and Emotional illness, or Disorder is to SPEAK OUT about these ISSUE’S!  SO I take these Awards Seriously. So I have a permanent page for All My *FABULOUS* Blog Awards!  And I’ve been Nominated AGAIN for Another,……. so Hang on to your HATS!!

**My Fabulous Blog Awards ~~ YES…you can be Fabulous in Recovery!**

**HERE is my Newest Blogger Award Nomination**

Well, even with all the *DRAMA OF EVICTION* going on around me……I try to still Help, Encourage, Reach-out, and still *Spread *HOPE* to others who may be still stuck on the *CYCLE* of Addicted Gambling, or ANY type of Addiction. I’ve been Posting of my own *Life Challenges* going on in my Life, and the ONLY thing that keeps me Grounded, and filled with Hope & Joy is to be of Recovery Service to others NO MATTER WHAT!

AND……A very Kind follower of my Blog has NOMINATED me for *The Inner Peace Award* I love HER Blog as well.  ANNA always Shows Courage, and helps MANY with her Sharing of her True Inner feelings of *HOPE* as well, and is not SHY about Speaking OUT and Speaking Up of Recovery, Mental health & many other disorders I, and others Suffer on a Daily Basis…….Please Meet Anna and Her Blog, “ROSE WITH THORNS~~Recovery HOPE for ALL”…….SO I THANK YOU ANNA from my Heart To Yours for My Nomination!!


silhouette of girl standing with her arms open to the sun

Opening My Heart to Hope

Aspergian, depressed, anxious, anorexic, past compulsive over-eater, PTSD sufferer, SIB inflictor, allergy sensitive, sleep struggler: I have had many labels placed on my in my life.  However, as a college student, I am finally beginning to see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

My name is Anna Rose and the purpose of this blog is to help support and give hope to all of those struggling with any mental illness, learning disability, and hardship.  Also, those who support family or friends dealing with these issues can gain insight and ideas for caring for loved ones.

At my baptism  my mother brought a rose.  The priest told her that it was good that she brought “a real rose with thorns” because my life would be “beautiful but full of pain.”  Those words to a baby he barely knew have certainly come true.  Because of this as well as my name, roses have become an important symbol of my life and struggles.

Overall, this site is for everyone and everyone who needs a ray of light in the dark, understanding voice, and non- judgmental encouragement giver.

If you so choose, you can also follow me on these other sites.


1.) There is ONLY ONE RULE TO THIS AWARD!!….LOL…Nominate as Many Awesome Blogs you’d like that bring your Inner Peace, Hope, and Courage, as YOU pass it to others!…….HERE ARE ALL MY BLOGS & WEBSITE I NOMINATED……..
Inner Peace Award


**Lets Always remember what the good doctor Says, “You were not born to JUST fit in, You were born to Stand Out”!!** Dr. Seuss

ALL OF my nominated Blogs & Websites are very Worthy of this award. The Truly help bring INNER PEACE to me in one way, and they Inspire ME in my Recovery!!
SO go pay them a Visit and tell them Catherine sent you……. 🙂 🙂
**To see all my Nominations for Awards, check out *MY Fabulous Blog Awards Page**
May God Bless You My Friends!  *Author, Catherine Lyon* 🙂



God Grant Me The SERENITY~~ Serenity Photo of the day

*This is in *Yosemite National Park,* Ca….I had the blessing of seeing it in person on a High School Trip in 1980~~at the bottom is called *Bridle Falls* where we had a Picnic for Dinner*
It was Beautiful then, and still beautiful Today! It truly does give Serenity when you are there! *Catherine*


*THIS is most important to Remember In Recovery! TWO things are needed to be Know…..Our Past does not define WHO we are this moment, & OUR PAST of where we have been in addiction and recovery, IS A VERY POWERFUL TOOL to share with others in Recovery……*Thanks for your Post my Friend **

Not Guilty (7/16/13)

I feel this goes with a bit of what I had posted earlier Today! God Bless, Catherine….


Read: 1 Chronicles 22:1-23:32, Romans 3:9-31, Psalm 12:1-8, Proverbs 19:13-14

We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are. (Romans 3:22)

Trayvon Martin

Relate: I was reading up about the Trayvon Martin case and came across a Huffington Post article talking about how many churches turned this past Sunday into “Hoodie Sunday” as they shared their various messages. This sparked a couple thoughts about faith and justification that tie in well with what Paul is talking about in Romans 3.

First of all, lets just pretend in reality that George Zimmerman is as guilty as sin. I know different people have differing opinions but for the sake of argument lets just pretend that Trayvon Martin did absolutely nothing wrong and George Zimmerman was a power hungry maniac who chose to kill him out…

View original post 362 more words

Everyday is a NEW day to be Kind & Help someone in Recovery & Life!

Hello friends and visitors!

I sometimes get asked, “Catherine, why do you spend a lot of your day helping others on your Blog??…….You do *Showcase’s & Spotlights,* you Troll the internet for New Recovery sites to share, and things”? “You could have had a few more books out by now.” Well my “Higher Power”, which I really don’t PUSH on folks, my HP is the lord Jesus Christ……and the gospel tells us, IN what ever we do in life each day, always remember the Big Show!…..The Kingdom of Heaven……The future……your Eternity in heaven!!

SEE, I don’t DO these things to GET into heaven……because I already know that it is Expected of me to be Kind, Helpful, have Compassion for others no MATTER who they are, or where they come from. They could be homeless folks, addicted peeps, a Doctor or a Lawyer,….doesn’t matter the Color of one’s skin, who their sexual partner is, or if they are a Christian or not…….AS long as they are Breathing, and on this Earth……I will be kind, generous, caring, helpful, and anything else you want to add. 🙂

I know that the lord called me down this path for a reason???……my life, my trials, my addiction, my trauma & abuse, ALL of it…..NOT to be a Victim……it was so I would have empathy for others, to care about people, and help them if need be. I have learned so much from all my life experiences, and so I *SHARE* it with others in HOPE of giving them encouragement to do the same. To be kind and helpful to others.

As far as my HP,…..he only asks so little of Me. To tell others WHY he was born, WHY he DIED, and WHY he is in Heaven with his Father, and in return, HE sends US blessings……But we only see those blessings if we have *FAITH & BELIEVE* & have a *Spiritual* Open mind and Open heart. Not by judgment of, or not helping others, turning a blind eye to what’s in front of us……….

NO…being in longer term recovery means sharing what you have learned, what skills & tools help you stay on your journey. Telling our own stories to others is our Testimony of where we have been, but just as important, where we are headed. Words are very Powerful tools to help one another in Recovery!

When I was still working in banking, I used to tell my clients that, “NO matter how much money you may have here, it could $500.000.00….or just $10.00……my clients all get treated the same, with respect, and Excellent client service!”……Because the gospel tells me….the one’s with the least……will be the first into the Kingdom…..So that is my LONG ANSWER to why I do the things I do for others…….Lets Just be KIND,….It takes WAY Less Energy!!..LOL….

**Have a Fantastic Day & Week Everyone!!** Author, Catherine Lyon ~~ 🙂 🙂

*No Recovery Post Monday*~~ Meet Author, Art Crandon*

SO, Yes….I live Life in recovery, but I’m also an author, writer, and I Love to read!! In my Short writing career I have been blessed to meet some pretty COOL and Popular writers, and this man is NO exception! He has been such a wonderful guy and so supportive of me and My Recovery! Those type of PEEPS are rare! So let me introduce you to “Arthur Crandon” and his New Release, (Which  got early!)
“Deadly Election” just launched, he lives like *The Cats Meow” in Hong Kong, and I just Love him……SSSHHHHH…Don’t tell anyone!!

PictureA rubber duck in Victoria harbor – bizarre!

It’s been a hard week here in Hong Kong – it is nearly the height of the summer now, so very hot. My friends and family in the UK are always complaining about the economy, the weather, the politicians, the bad TV, the expensive restaurants and the poor service everywhere – and then about the economy again.   I do consider myself lucky to live in Hong Kong.  The economy is strong and people generally (expats and locals) have a much more positive attitude to life, the universe and everything.As a writing community we are also lucky.  Many famous writers live here, some teach in on the creative writing programmes of the Universities.  There are a couple of active writers groups who are both supportive and informative. Most writers I know here adopt the J.K. Rowling model – writing in Starbucks!  Living spaces here are very expensive – and very small and cramped, so the coffee shops are full of students (in Hong Kong students are VERY diligent) doing their homework – businessmen having meetings – and the occasional writer.

I guess Hong Kong achieved notoriety for a few short days recently when Edward Snowden stayed here while shopping around for asylum.  He stayed at the Mira hotel – a hotel I visit regularly, but I did not see him.
Now that the giant rubber duck (see picture) has gone from Victoria Harbour there is not really much exciting going on here.

Oh well, back to the writing.  I have started on the second novel in my ‘Asian Intrigue’ series.  Did you know that a lot of gold is smuggled out of the Philippines and ends up in China (via the Hong Kong)? Well, there is – and my story is about that, and the surprising spy agencies involved and the unsavoury characters they use to achieve their questionable objectives.In the meantime, my relaunched novel Deadly Election now has more than 20 reviews – an amazing total in so short a time. Here are some brief details of the book – click the cover to go to the Amazon page:

The murder of three innocent villagers is the prelude to a tale of intrigue, deceit, greed and more murders as Senator Consuelo, an aging but ambitious politician desperately pursues his bid for the Presidency – at any cost.  He reckoned without Paul, a retired military man, who engineers his downfall.   After an unsuccessful murder attempt Paul is resolved to bring the evil man to justice.  With the help of friends in high places he manages to do so, but only just in time.   As the Senator languishes in his jail cell, others have difficult decisions to make.  The Senators fate is sealed, but there may be other ways for his family and associates.  The Senators plans for escape are brought to an abrupt and final halt.

click for more details

Arthur Crandon – click for more info
As usual – the blog would not be complete without the cats! – a duck is no substitute! I have promised many readers that I will not go another week without fur  – so here they are: If you have trouble relaxing – try watching this cute cats parade video – it works for me. click here for cats video

**Fantastic MJ TRIBUTE & A SWEET BOY**

I happen to be on Google+ checking out some Blog posts, and I happen to come across this video…..It gave me Goose Bumps as I watched it!! Not sure what country it is from, but you know it’s Xfactor TV Show. It is a *FABULOUS* Tribute to *Michael Jackson* I’ve EVER SEEN!! I’m not one to share video’s, but this GRAB MY ATTENTION!! Yes….has nothing to do with addiction or recovery…..look at it as Life Balance!!  *SMILE…IT’S MONDAY!!* {Click Link below to watch!}