Recovery Friends ~ Join Our Journey. Vance Johnson & Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon Together Writing A New Memoir. Vance’s Life Beyond The Gridiron…

WELCOME Recovery Friends and Visitors! 

We all know recovery is about a journey. A journey of life, recovery, faith, and Hope!

So I am very happy to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine who truly inspires and motivates many in various ways.  Please meet former NFL Denver Bronco, Vance Johnson to my “Recovery Blog! Vance, like me, is in recovery, a faith-filled man with passion, motivation and helps many find recovery through rehabilitation, change, and growth.  We have begun a new writing collaboration together as he asked if I would help write his new book with him.

After about 5 seconds of being “STAR STRUCK,” I said YES! LOL.  And it is an honor and a blessing to be able to share my knowledge of writing, publishing, promoting, and more with Vance. We agreed to bring readers, friends, and Denver Bronco Fans on this journey with us as you are important and as we look forward to your feedback and thoughts and as we share our literary challenges, triumphs and ask what YOU want to read and learn in his New Memoir coming in Fall 2017!  So, the “comment section” will be on for this Page. HERE WE GO!

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Please Meet Vance Johnson, a former professional football player, sober coach, speaker and Living In Gods Grace and Purpose… Learn some of his Story:




“Hello, everyone, I’m Vance Johnson, a former professional football player with the Denver Broncos. I made three Super Bowl appearances, a world class athlete, and I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict. Reclaiming my faith and redeemed, it is my purpose and passion to inspire those who like me, found themselves powerless, broken, and looking for a breakthrough.

After growing up around addiction and domestic violence as an adolescent, I struggled with substance abuse throughout and after my NFL career. After a near death experience, in an induced coma in 2009 for 28 days and then in intensive inpatient rehabilitation, I am now Drug and Alcohol-free since Sept 2013. This is what I will share with readers with Cat’s help and so much more.”




“After much prayer these last three years to write a book, I feel Catherine was Gods choice for someone who would take my words and make them not only legible, lol, but share my passion like no other writer can.  A Christian and person in recovery as well she finds the depth of my pain, hope, and joy of freedom from bondage to Satan’s lies and keeps me on task as well! Lol.

I hope you will join us in this collaboration of faith, football, recovery, and beyond as we look forward to what readers and my Denver fans want.  From picking book covers to what content you’d like to read, your input is important to both Cat and me.”

So come join us on this journey and look forward to reading all your comments and suggestions…

And There’s Sobriety in that!

God Bless,
Vance Johnson





We will be sharing our writing journey throughout Social Media, so come connect with us both for updates, events, and more!

Connect With Vance:

The Vance Project  ~  Vance Inspires
His Website Vance Inspires ~ Driven By HOPE  ~ He offers Sober Coaching, Professional Presentations, Speaking, Awareness and more!
He Inspires onYouTube

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