Oak Valley Productions – New Educational Recovery DVD Series. “It’s Time For A Fresh Approach Into Recovery For Treatment Providers & Individuals.”


I am excited to announce my new position of Executive Director of Media/Marketing/Sales at Oak Valley Productions. A leader in producing exceptional “Wellness in Recovery DVD’S for treatment providers and in-home recovery! 

A new revolution is happening with “Wellness in Recovery” as it is a fresh approach to learning and living in true authentic “Freedom from Addiction.”

Presenting “Oak Valley Productions,” a leader in producing and marketing a new DVD Series that will change the landscape of recovery and will give many a new perspective, choice, and path into long-term sobriety, so come order your set DVD SETS Today!

OUR MISSION And GOALS For Oak Valley Productions:


To help those who suffer from the effects of addiction in our communities and our nation to provide help in finding treatment and resources for those unable to financially afford the necessary help needed to live a life free from addiction.


Our vision at Oak Valley is to be a place where we cultivate people’s lives through awareness, education, prevention and the necessary support needed to help individuals renew their life.

Core Values

Our core values are Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Trust, 
Loyalty, to the Quality Service, and Dedication we bring to each individual we serve.


Our goal at Oak Valley is to improve and renew the quality of life in each individual by a renewal of the mind, body, soul and inner self. In a new positive way of
thinking and living that is surrounded by a renewed self and confidence.


Featured Image -- 9018


This new revolution all started with one man, one book, and one page at a time by Author, David McCauley and his best-selling book; “Addiction to Recovery: Unlocking Your Potential.”

This book is a guide to wellness, authentic, and true living in recovery and learning how to begin the “inner work” it takes to avoid the roadblocks that can hamper one’s journey to true peace and freedom from addiction.

In addition to the DVD Series, David hosts a Facebook “LIVE” workshop every Wednesday for all to come share what works for them and ask questions, make comments all LIVE on FB here at Recovery Addiction Talk on FB!  9 PM – East & 6 PM – Pacific….

Product Details


Our series is a Fresh Approach to living an authentic well-balanced life from addiction. We know how important teaching your clients the skills and tools needed to reach long-term recovery. We also feel it is just as important giving them the tools to break free from addictions and nurture their mind, body, and spirit.

Give them “the lift up needed” by using our DVD series to teach them how to start the inner work necessary to process past shame, address underlying issues, and exchange them with self-worth, resilience, and inspiration to continue that momentum when leaving your facility.

“Our DVDs are the New Healthy Approach to a Well Balanced Recovery. Give your clients the best of both, learning and education while sharing recovery skills to begin the inner work to a lifetime of well-being and a beautiful new life in recovery!”

Order Details:
$199.95 per DVD – Comes with 15 client workbooks.
$499.95 3 DVD set discount. – Comes with 45 client workbooks.

 *Additional workbooks can be purchased as needed.*

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Order Total                                                            _______________

**All orders shipped U.S. Postal Service. ~ Pay by Credit & Debit Soon!**

Check or Money Order Payable To:
Oak Valley Productions
35 Bloomfield Ave
Pine Brook, New Jersey 07058




For More Information or Schedule A Presentation:

Contact: David McCauley, Author, Founder

Email: david@oakvalleyfoundation.com
Phone: 1-862-247-7749

Catherine Lyon, Author – Executive Director
Email: LyonMedia@aol.com
Phone: 1-602-795-6345

“Let Oak Valley Productions New DVD Series help you achieve success for your facility or in- home recovery education by contacting us today!”




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