My Suggested Reading of Amazing Recovery Authors~Addiction/Recovery Books, Poetry, Memoirs, and More.

 ” We Do Recover and Express our Recovery Through Many Forms Of Artistry “

           Our Addiction/Recovery Suggested Reading and Books!





“It is time to shine the spotlight on some wonderful recovery authors, poets and writers like myself on my recovery blog. Even though I maintain my life in recovery from ‘compulsive addicted gambling’ and alcohol abuse, I have many passions in life. Some are being a writer myself, an author, blogger, and recovery advocate, and I love to help other authors get their books to readers who will enjoy them!”

We know sharing one’s story of addiction and recovery can be healing, powerful, and help to raise awareness about different types of addictions. It can also help shatter Stigma around those of us who may have made some bad choices in life, and taken a path less traveled by others while deep within addiction, learn we can recover from it, and turn our lives around for the better in recovery, and hopefully help some people along our recovery journey through forms of artistry.

Recovery books, music, poetry, and even other recovery sites are a form of expression and can help educate and inform the public in an artistic way, especially those who may have never been touched by addiction can begin to learn some understanding, gain a wee bit more compassion towards those who do the recovery work to show they can become productive citizens and better people in this world after addiction.

So here are some books, journal aides, memoirs and more I recommend. Because we all know in recovery, any form of recovery help can help us in many, many ways!


“Please, never be afraid to share your thoughts in my comment section as everyone has a VOICE to be heard here”


“My Suggested Reads, Books, Blogs For Everyone”




***Now Released ~ New Recovery Reads I Have Read***

My Recovery Path has a “Dash of Zen” ~ From this New Amazing Book Release and knowing a Real Zen Master! “Find The Seeker! The pathless path to fulfillment and Happiness!! By Master, Genro Xuan Lou, Laoshi and Author, Cliff Stevens.


Find The Seeker! on shelf

About Find The Seeker!

This book addresses people of all faiths who suffer, are unhappy and seek to lead more fulfilling lives. 

This book entices readers with the vision of what we really are – Absolute, eternal and unconditional Being, whole and divine – which can only be directly experienced and embodied. It serves as a powerful wake-up call for those who mistakenly believe in their being separate from the Oneness and living in a state of duality, reminding us that the Kingdom of God is really within us.

Although written by a Zen Master and using some Zen stories, the focus is not on explaining Zen, its tenets or history. The book is in stark contrast to the majority of books which indulge in superficial descriptions or sayings and provide seemingly “precise” instructions, lists of goals or steps to take which trap us into continuing our dependency on intermediaries and religious institutions or our self-delusion of being less than we really are. Instead, accompanying the authors along the age-old pathless path we have always been on, we are called upon to empty ourselves and “drop” all our preconceptions and expectations and the limited “self” which thinks it has a life of its own, as well as the heavy backpack with all our experiences and learnings.

New Book by Author, Paul Green and it is FANTASTIC! 26 Years of HELL

26 Years of Hell!! by [Green, Paul]

About The Book:

This book is a DRUG & ALCOHOL INTERVENTION book, but not all of it is! It’s purpose is to keep young people from becoming addicted to substances in the first place. Because once you’re addicted, your life is literally ruined …

During his 26 years of addiction, or “26 Years of Hell”, Paul has been in several HORRIFIC & DEADLY situations: he has been shot, shot at several times, beat up constantly, robbed, set up to be robbed by prostitutes, hospitalized several times, in and out of jails, and always in a homeless shelter. He heard a voice, God’s voice. So Paul checked himself into a RELIGIOUS homeless shelter where he resided for 17 months. He stayed sober and became a top usher at a local Church following his faith and his quest for a better way of life.

The question is “Will he stay out of trouble this time?” Read and find out!



***Released Now On Amazon By Macauley South, Author ***





The gambling industry makes millions of pounds (dollars) in profit each year but what are the impacts caused to the people who line their pockets? Gambling addiction is on the rise all over the world and more and more people fall into the trap that is so deep and so hard to break free from.

This book provides an insight into the lives of compulsive gamblers through the eyes of myself and my personal story and also provides steps on how to break free from this horrendous addiction, outlining support systems and rehabilitation methods I hope that this book provides people not only an insight into gambling addiction but also a source of reference to all of the compulsive gamblers out there who find themselves in the situation I found myself in. Help is out there, and change isn’t impossible.

“Just Stop Pressing The Button: The Truth Behind Our Gambling Addiction” ~ By Vinnie Boultwood.



Gambling:Just Stop Pressing The Button: The Truth Behind our Gambling Addiction - What Most People Do Not Understand And How You Stop Gambling Away Your Life by [Linbon, Martin]



“We Beat The Gambling Industry Because We Didn’t Let Them Beat Us”

Over the past 5 years I have done what most compulsive gamblers do, win early, then start losing, then lie, then chase those losses, then lie again, then get out loans, then max out credit cards, then steal, then lose and then go into complete financial meltdown, emotional exhaustion and loss of self respect, honour and pride.

We are misunderstood by most and we have to start working together to beat one of the fastest growing addictions in the world pathological gambling. I want you to know that I am a real recovering compulsive gambler, I do not beat around the bush in this book, I give it to you straight, I have learnt all I can about the addiction and have had some insights into what us gamblers are all about deep down, what are positive qualities are that haven’t come out yet and how the end of this addiction could be the start of something great.

Right Now Is A True Test Of Your Character, Gambling Has You Down On Your Knees And Its Time To Get Back Up!

This Isn’t one of those typical how to stop gambling books, I do not just say go to GA meetings I look at are the addiction from its roots and then we delve into are personalities, mental health disorders, emotions and the rest.

I have designed habits to overcome triggers that lead to gambling sprees, habits to get you back on the right path, 3 pdf documents to plan your week, day and life. I run my website WatchVinnie and I want to create an extensive audience of recovering compulsive gamblers so we can beat this one hell of a bug as a unit.

We Are Not As Alone As We Think!



Book Review of  ” Expect Delays: How to Reclaim Your Life, Light and Soul After Trauma by Author, Dr. Danielle Delaney Th.D. D.D.



Expect Delays: How to Reclaim Your Life, Light and Soul After Trauma by [Delaney Th.D. D.D., Dr. Danielle]


About The Book:

“You CAN heal ENTIRELY from severe, deep trauma – without needing a lobotomy.”

Through her first book, Expect Delays, Dr. Danielle Delaney shares with you the traumatic experiences of her assaults, and her journey of recovery and growth into the powerful woman and trauma expert that she is today. Recovery is not a simple path, and you will encounter detours and delays along the winding road. You will discover and uncover knowledge from the first chapter, Demolition, when an unexpected and terror-inducing life event totals you, to the final chapter, Merge, when you are able to integrate this event into who you are and learn how to Merge with your own painful or traumatic experiences; Dr. Delaney will teach you new tools and belief systems for living through it and surviving. Discover how to endure and to emerge victorious!

My Book Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars “Don’t Expect Delays Reading This Book, Just Sound Advice For Overcoming Trauma!”, April 9, 2017

This review is from: Expect Delays: How to Reclaim Your Life, Light, and Soul After Trauma (Paperback)

I was honored to receive a signed copy of Danielle’s book, what an amazing life she has had thus far. From the dedication page that came from the heart to the very last page, I couldn’t put this book down! I am a child sex abuse survivor myself and have been through much therapy, but the professional advice and techniques in this book, many will learn to rebuild their lives from traumatic events into a LIFE of peace and serenity. As trauma victims, we need to begin the journey of healing and come to learn “it wasn’t our fault.” That is when we can start the process of working through all the fear and shame, and begin to rebuild a beautiful life, and some in recovery as I turned to addiction as I was not raised to know help was available and it was “ok” to reach out for it.

Danielle’s book guides you through what is needed to accomplish this and SO much more. At times in her sharing of her life, it feels and reads as if you are “two girlfriends having coffee and just talking about life.” What she has endured, reading it is heartbreaking, but learning about her life today which includes her choice of “profession” to care and help others who have experienced the same path is a testament to the bravery she has, and the hard work she has done to overcome is AMAZING.

I don’t like to spoil a good book, but one of my areas in the book I felt most helpful was “Dangerous Curves Ahead: Caution!” And like her father would say: “if you weren’t tough, you would not still be here.”

That chapter and quote by her father hit me hard as I had turned to addiction when my pain came back from my childhood haunting me and had two failed suicide attempts from all the drama of it and learned I was suffering PTSD. Thankfully GOD stepped in, or I would not be here today.

Danelle’s book will help many and WILL save lives. What an incredible legacy to leave behind! Well written, easy to read and I commend the Author for a book well done. If you know anyone who has been a victimized, has trauma or been through traumatic events? Please share this book with them. I know I will!

I highly suggest this read!




New Suggested Book Spotlight ~ Author, Adam McArnold ~ The Affliction of Addiction: It’s Not That Complicated Now on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.







It is now possible to peek inside the brain and identify differences between people who develop addictions and those who don’t. As a result, researchers have confirmed that some people are more vulnerable to addiction than others. This matrix explains the role these factors play in the development of chemical addictions.

In The Affliction of Addiction you will learn:

     * A greater appreciation of biological predisposition 
     * The benefits and barriers to its proper application

     * How to effectively apply these new scientific facts

Adam McArnold is an expert in chemical addictions. He is a clinical therapist who has spent a decade in full-time study of past and current research. In doing so, he has uncovered an understanding of addiction that is truly revolutionary; one that is unparalleled in its ability to explain all the little nuances and phenomena that have plagued and puzzled addiction experts for centuries.





This Month’s Recovery Read Spotlight on Mental Health…


New Author and Book Spotlight Pick is Author,  Racer Justin Peck, and BULLETPROOF: A Memoir.



BULLETPROOF by [Peck, Justin]


“A Man Who Learned To Rethink A Life He Wanted To End”  ~Justin Peck, USRA Racer and now Mental Health Champ and Advocate…

About The Memoir:

Bulletproof by Justin Peck gives insight 
into a life full of pain, struggle and the perseverance required to overcome it all. Not only is it an inspiration for those suffering from mental illness, his story has the power to motivate anyone looking for a light at the end of the dark tunnel that everyday life sometimes seems to be. As he shares experiences of learning to deal with the challenge of bipolar disorder, you’ll find the strength and courage to live and enjoy life a little more each day.


About The Author:

Justin Peck is a Professional Off-Road racer, businessmen, and New Author of Bulletproof.

May 12th, 2009 was a turning point in the life of Justin Peck. That was the day his dream of becoming a professional race team owner came true as he created RacePro Technologies, LLC.  Since 1992 Justin had always been the driver/rider in the various motorsports disciplines he had competed in but on that day…  MAY 12th, he was officially a team owner.

Justin Peck is a driver of many talents. He is a back to back series champion in off-road motorcycles, four-time USRA series champion, and a national winner and third overall winner in The Challenge of America’s series. He has a long and extensive racing career spanning almost 20 years and takes the competitive nature of his career very seriously. Off the track, Justin is a successful business owner and author of the book Bulletproof, with the drive for perfection in every task he takes on.


Meet My Friend and Amazing Author With Several New Releases! Dr. Kevin T Coughlin PH.D. 



Author, Dr. Kevin Coughlin


About The New One:

Relapse Prevention; Long-Term Sobriety. Best-selling author Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. shares his experience, strength, and hope, as you travel a journey of lessons learned over two decades of recovery and many years working in the industry with him.
This workbook and manual is packed with information that will assist the newcomer as well as the old-timer in recovery. Successful relapse prevention is a process! Learning, developing, and using new skills, attitudes, beliefs, and values that help you to reach your life’s goals and objectives in recovery. Relapse prevention is about committing to a life of recovery and following an action plan to stay clean and sober.

Relapse does not need to happen in recovery from addiction if it does you move forward in recovery. Addiction is a disease and relapse can happen; however, to teach people that relapse is part of recovery, sets them up to fail. Many individuals recover from addiction without ever relapsing, it’s a choice. To use a drug, you must make a decision followed by an action.

Relapse is not a prerequisite! Addicts and alcoholics can get clean and sober the first time that they try and never look back. A relapse does not have to happen. In fact, if an addict or alcoholic works a modality or program of recovery giving 100% effort, they should not ever relapse. Any relapse could end in disaster! Anyone that has the miracle of recovery should do everything in their power not to ever relapse. It could cost them their lives!  Relapse Prevention; Long-Term Sobriety is the author’s eleventh book. This book is dedicated to the author’s long-time friend and mentor John Phelps.


AMAZING New Book: Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man
by Author, Johnnie Calloway…

Dragons to Butterflies        Taming the Dragon


Johnnie Calloway is a gifted storyteller and has written a superb personal account of his harrowing childhood and adult life. Although he retells his experiences of emotional and physical abuse, neglect, heartache, and betrayal, and later his own addictions and struggles with mental illness, he manages to keep the reader thoroughly engaged and inspired by his strength and wisdom throughout this page-turner.

Johnnie’s willingness to be soul-barrenly honest in this book as he traces his earliest memories into his teens and then adult years is truly unlike anything I have ever read. I have no doubt that his display of courage and his determination to go to any lengths necessary for his own healing will serve as a guiding light for countless readers. It is a story of hope and love, forgiveness and healing. I only wish it had been available when I was a practicing addictions counselor. I would have made it required reading!
Callie Chappell-Nicholas – Former Addictions Counselor


More About Johnnie Calloway in a Special Interview!  TAKE A LISTEN “-)


“I was able to open up with SNN (Suncost News Network) in an interview on how I use the butterfly as my symbol of change. Such a fantastic interview. If you did not get a chance to see it live, click this link to view now ”

Awesome Releases By UK Author, Emily HayworthVerbal Abuse: Diary of an Abusive Relationship now one with me too! Amazon and Amazon UK.  and only .99 cent e-book!

The Little Book of Sobriety       Verbal Abuse: Diary of an Abusive Relationship      The Little Book of Self Love: Affirmations to Help you Heal

About Verbal Abuse:

“Are you are in an abusive relationship and want complete validation of your feelings? If you seek to understand why you are constantly traumatized and in emotional turmoil, then this book is for you.”

In this gripping, shocking and inspirational book, author Emily Hayworth kept a personal diary during her ten-year abusive marriage. The author has listed in detail her experiences and emotions ranging from happiness, confusion, fear and almost madness as she journeys through the roller coaster that is verbal abuse.

During the last chapter, Emily lists the different types of abuse that can occur in a relationship and gives specific examples from her diary, helping you to clearly identify what may be happening in your life. There is also a section on how you can protect yourself from abuse and create a healthier, happier life…



About Author/Advocate, Catherine Townsend-Lyon and Books:

Based on a true story, told in the author’s own words, without polish or prose, a haunting tale of addiction and recovery. An in-depth look at one woman’s life in memoir form that shares the myths, facts, and misconceptions of compulsive gambling addiction through her personal journey of addiction and recovery. Learn about “the traumatized little girl, before you can understand the woman that turned to addictions.”

“Gamblers Anonymous tells us we can recover without knowing why we gambled in the first place. But some of us DO learn some of the underlying issues of WHY. No excuses, no denial, just the truth that unfolded through treatment, therapy, and many Gamblers Anonymous meetings.”

About The Author:

“My name is Catherine and I am a recovering addicted compulsive gambler who maintains recovery being dually diagnosed with mental health challenges and freedom from child sexual trauma & abuse eleven plus years.”

I advocate in raising awareness, inform, & educate the public through sharing my experiences with these important issues that affect many people. By doing this, I hope it begins to diminish STIGMA around these important issues.

I am the published author of my memoir, “Addicted To Dimes, Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat” and “Ten The Hard Way” both available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and in The Bookstand at ‘In Recovery Magazine’ where I was a former recovery writer and columnist of ‘The Authors Cafe.’ Besides working and living life in recovery, my passions are reading, freelance writing ghostwriting books with others, articles, blogging, and book/author consulting.

My mission & God-given purpose will always be to help others in recovery from gambling addiction. I do this through my recovery blog, published book, advocacy, and article writing. Gambling addiction IS a real disease.

I am the former owner of “Lyon Book Promotions” for 4 1/2 yrs and now own and run “Lyon Media, Book Promos, and Literary Consulting”

I work for all genres and authors, which include recovery reads helping all in finding their readership including addiction/recovery authors. I have been invited to write for many addiction/recovery publications besides my former column at Magazine. I now write for “Keys to Recovery News” free to all in recovery and their new gambling recovery column, “Quit to Win”…and several other publications.
FACTS: Gambling Addiction currently has the highest SUICIDE RATE among any other addiction. With more than over 16 million problem gamblers in just the United States alone. Parents? 1/2 this number is now your late teens and college kids.





How did a good girl go bad? Based on a true story, told in the author’s own words, without polish or prose, this haunting tale of addiction, family secrets, abuse, sexual misconduct, destruction, crime and…. recovery! One day at a time, one page at a time. Learn of this remarkable and brave story…




“The cruelest lies are often told in Silence”  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


“To know the woman I am you need to know the little girl I was”
Author/Columnist, Catherine Townsend-Lyon …


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