“A Little Inspiration In Recovery” By Author, David McCauley & Oak Valley Foundation.


” Beyond the Obstacles in Life “

Beyond the obstacles in your life is an ocean of possibilities. You must bring meaning to your life in recovery in order to have fulfillment and enjoy this new lifestyle. This requires hard work, perseverance, and a lot of change and growth. It is up to each individual to look deep inside your soul and heal the wounds that need healing.

To characterize your life as meaningful, you must take action, and have a direction with goals that lead you down a path of positiveness in your life. It is very important to become attached to your goals, dreams and devoted to a life in recovery.

The beauty of recovery and the tragedy of addiction can be the most triumphant and proudest moment of your life. When you gain insight, knowledge, understanding, and apply it in your life on a daily basis you will know you have arrived.


You must build a temple from within, and untroubled place of reason and insight where your beauty shines. Remember, hidden in the depth of our soul is an inner light where we become aware of who we truly are. When we separate ourselves from the past, we are able to move forward with achievement.

The deepest foundation of our life is in our soul, there lies our values, our principles, and our desires. We are a product of our beliefs, our hopes, our fears and our love.

The outcome of your life depends upon who you are from the inside out, as the outside is only what you see in the mirror. Your true reflection comes from your soul, the temple in which you live.

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