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Now this young woman has “guts and is very BRAVE” to share her battle and recovery with Anorexia. Her recovery ‘bucket list’ is awesome too! A true Inspiration!

Author, Catherine Lyon

Embracing Authenticity


I’m Kirsty, 17 years old, I enjoy Art Jounaling, Sports, playing the Piano and Flute,  SHOPPING, going out and watching lots of films. Sound pretty normal, Huh?

Well now I’ll tell you a bit about my recent experiences…

Here i go….Late last year I got diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

Yes, yes I know what some of you are thinking, “she’s mad, mental, why don’t you just eat and stop being stupid”.

See this is the harsh stigma that surrounds what I can only explain as a cruel illness that suffocates its sufferers in guilt, shame and rigid routines.

Anyway I could sit here and explain to you what exactly it feels like to be controlled by Anorexia but instead I will just mention the damage it did to me.

On August 6th 2016 I got admitted to Luton and Dunstable children’s ward with a heart rate reaching as low…

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