Am I talking to a dead man

My good friend Joe maybe in prison? But he many Supporters out here who wish him well!! A very deep and insightful share on his blog today. . . . How would YOU feel without your Freedoms?


It’s got to be the fact that I just found out that this guy Nassar died and how he just left this prison in Oct of last year…

And how my good friend Justin Hobbs died just a short time before him…

After he had just been released just a short time before also…

And how two other guys also died both a little before Hobbs

Both who just recently went home from this prison as well…

It’s got me thinking about all that that’s got me questioning if I am talking to a dead man as I sit talking with this guy in a wheelchair. A guy I mentioned in a few previous stories.

A guy who aside from his own horrible health has a whole list other problems that are sure to handicap him.

Especially after released.

The point I’m trying to make is after seeing…

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