Resolutions 2 a New Year!!

Hello Blog Friends & Visitors,

I’m mentoring a New Teen Blogger named Maddi. . .and she is a great teen with maturity and wise beyond her young age. If you have teens that need a place to “have a voice” and have a place to share the woes of being a TEEN? Then parents please share Maddi’s Blog link with them!

Happy Reading,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Welcome Teens, Parents, and New Pals,

My resolution is to help advise other teens how to become  mature and responsible here on my blog. My personal goal is to make my grades  to where I pass my classes with A’s and B’s and nothing less.

It’s a new year to make a new resolution, and make up for our mistakes last year! Now, we should all think of our resolutions and comment on this  post or go on my page to tell me and many other visitors that read them how you are going to make a new resolution to a new year.


Some examples would be, like suppose you are failing your classes, or think you are going to get fired, it may just push you to your limit. Maybe, your resolution should be don’t let others push your button, learn to ignore the stress of life no matter the situation.



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