Accept me!

This is just a *FANTASTIC Blog Post* that needs to be *SHARED*


2 thoughts on “Accept me!

  1. That’s the question of our life time right now isnt it? With people finally feeling brave enough to express themselves for who they really are or what they really are, now we keep asking those groups that refuse to accept the change, “why cant you just accept me for who i am?” Most of us arent looking for attention or out to hurt or bother anyone, we just want to live out life our way in peace.


    • I agree 110% Lilly….It really isn’t anyone’s concern what color of my skin, who I sleep with, if I’m trans gender, gay, straight, what race or religion I belong too!! GOD say’s we shouldn’t judge others, Love thy neighbor as we love ourselves, to leave the judging to him and him alone…..We are all human, we all have Feelings, so why can’t we just treat others as they are, be kind to one another, and Life would be so much easier for everyone! Just spread The Love…Not HATE…. Thank You for sharing your thoughts! CAT


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