*IS He really a Man of GOD??*~~Step-9 Amends can Sting*

So, I’ve been re-working my Recovery steps the last few weeks, along with ALL the other things I do, and I’m still 6+yrs later, trying to get all my *Amends* done with others who I had hurt, or did wrong by, (boy there’s ALOT) and there has been one *employer* left that I have had a hard time gathering the courage to reach out and make the amends to him.

It was at a collection company I had worked at for almost 3yrs. I was way DEEP in my addicted gambling addiction, and I had been stealing money to feed my addiction. Now, I understand my past is JUST THAT, my past, and it is NOT written in any RULE book that the person your trying to make the amends with, has to be Nice about it. AND YES…….even after years of recovery time, we still get one of those “Bitch~Slap” moments across our face from time to time. Those in recovery know what I’m talking about right???

It’s when once in a blue moon, your past deeds in your addiction come back to haunt you for one reason or another. A broken relationship your trying to mend, or LIKE ME, trying to make amends with a past employer, could be a debt you still owe on, & they JUST happen to find you and want there Money. And it reminds us of our past. And some can be *OUCHS* and Sting. AND….seems to happen when things are usually going GOOD in your life!

Well, that is what happened to me this morning. My past employer, and boss found me somehow on LinkedIn and sent me a connect invite. No Message with it. SO I TOOK THE BAIT…..LOL…..So, I accepted the invite, and sent a WARM FUZZY Hello and an apology along with it……..Now…..Keep in mind, he always bragged about how he is a Born Again Man Of God, and he really cares about others, and…….comes from a family background of a few siblings having addiction problems. HERE IS HIS RESPONES TO MY WARM FUZZY AMENDS:
AND, my question is, *Should I deserve this Response, or is it Just me and my Selfishness to have Expected something different???** I would appreciate any comments or thoughts, good or bad…..I’m a Tough Girl….”I can handle the TRUTH”  Thanks Everyone! God Bless, *Catherine*

          I appreciate offering an apology.  As for me being a Christian and then not listening to your excuses for stealing and lying, and then giving you another chance to do it again, I don’t believe that is required, or expected.  I have forgiven you and wish you no ill-will, and have learned from the experience.  Christians are not required to check their brain at the door and ignore human nature, only to be forgiving and kind.  I did not call the police and have you prosecuted, which is something that could have been done and would have severelly limited you getting any more second chances in the future. There is an old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  I have seen many people who have addictions that need to be fed and they choose to feed them through stealing from their employer.  And they do not stop until they no longer have the temptation.  There was no good reason to allow you back in a position of temptation, and it would have been reckless of me to allow you access to cash again, only making it that much more difficult for you.
I am glad you are finding positive changes in your life, and that you look back fondly at the time you had working at SOCS.  It sounds like you are in a good place and getting better, and that is my hope for you.
Take care, Brian,




3 thoughts on “*IS He really a Man of GOD??*~~Step-9 Amends can Sting*

  1. It does take courage to face people we have hurt and offended and we never know what their respond may be. So we have to rely on God to help us. God has a way to help us overcome that fear and work things out for good (Rom 8:28). It was God who open the door for you to connect with him on Linkedin. He sound like he has forgiven you and wish you the best in your recovery. Sometime we need constructive critisim to remind and help us of our fault in a positive way. 1 Cor. 10:13 says, Therefore let him who think he stands, take heed lest he fall. I’m a mentor in the prison and I always tell them not to go back to that same enviroment because of temptations. You have made AMENDS and forgave and made peace with God, so now it is time to move on. God loves you and have forgiven you that’s all that matter. Praying for you.


    • ***THANK YOU FRED for your kind words and your Prayers! And I can not Agree more of each and every word you posted. Even though I’ve been *Sharing & Spreading Hope* to others in recovery or those wanting recover,y for some years now, I had NO IDEA how much the lord would bless me these past few months since my book & testimony has come out. He has lead me to my *True Purpose In Life!*….my path & journey have been filled with tribulations, and a road less traveled, but I have learned from this walk……..God Bless, and Thank You!, Catherine 🙂 🙂


  2. Well, I just finished the books of Revelations, Matthew, and Mark…..Not sure if it was in those books? If so….I better reread them!!…LOL…MY REPLY BACK BEFORE I UNCONNECTED WITH MY PREVIOUS BOSS BRAIN WAS, “OUCH”….But well noted. *MOST of what you replied to me is right. Yes, I stole from you & the company, but was all paid back. AND….Not doing me the favor of pressing charges against me is not MY FAVOR, nor do you have to forgive me, THE ONLY ONE who needs to forgive me is MY GOD, because of his BLOOD SHED on the wooden cross of Calvary, not only were MY SINS forgiven, but all the Worlds sins of the past, the now, and the futures. I don’t need yours to know I’m LOVED, Forgiven, And BLESSED”…As I walk by his Faith Today and everyday, NOT BY SIGHT.” I wish you much success and Blessings to you & your family as well, Catherine”……That was my reply back. Again, Thanks for your *Thoughts*…..*Catherine* Lets stay in Touch 🙂 🙂


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