*What has recovery given you?*

What has your recovery given you Lately?……I say this is an interesting question to ponder. Now that my book has been written, published, and “Hopefully” being read by others, I have to share what’s in my “Heart” today, as I woke up this morning with feelings of *GRATITUDE* and *Humility.* I’m not to sure where or why I woke up feeling this way today. Could it have been from attending my every Wen night http://TweetChat.com/room/Addictionchat or maybe from an awesome compliment I got from an unknown person, who I never met before, tell me how my story of addiction and recovery changed his life, and has now reached out for recovery himself? He told me “How impressed” he was that I was not only brave to “share” my testimony, but I used my Real Name as Author of my book, which I have to say, I get that All the Time. Or could it be that I’m *REAL* in the area of truly wanting others to learn from my addiction past. And….That’s Correct….IT IS MY Past! AND, I Choose to not let my past misdeeds *Define* who I am Today. Yes, being in recovery over 6yrs now, I know how close I am to Total Devastation each and every day. I’m only “ONE BET AWAY” one coin or dollar away from destruction, and all the hard work, the GA meetings, the addiction treatment, and therapy, and years of recovery would fly right out the window. SO, instead of living in fear of that, the fear is what keeps me from being “Complacent” in my recovery each day. I’ve said this many times these past 7 months since my paperback of my book came out, my life and recovery has been SO rewarding to me. It is NOW MY TURN to give back to others in recovery, and help those who aren’t, and want the help. Which brings me to the answer to my own *Question*??  *”My Recovery has given me, A Mended Heart, Renewed Spirit, Cleansed Soul, lets me live an Authentic Life, My Honesty, My Self-Worth, Confidence, And….Today I can look in the Mirror and see the Most Beautiful Woman in the World who is truly Blessed each and everyday in my *RECOVERY*” And this is what it feels like to have True Peace, and Serenity in my Life. I pray each night for those who don’t…….and will continue my Mission with My Book and This Blog site to Help, Inspire, give HOPE to those who seek it from Gambling & all Addictions! God Bless All! Author, *Catherine Lyon*


3 thoughts on “*What has recovery given you?*

  1. My recovery has given me a LIFE. Before getting clean, I was just one of the many ‘walking wounded’ among us. I was breathing, but I wasn’t ALIVE. To truly be alive, you must be healthy in more than just your physical body (which mine wasn’t) but you need to be healthy, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Without these four bodies connecting I was just ‘going through the motions’ and looking for something to make me ‘feel better.’

    Great topic. The biggest give of all my recovery has given me? Faith. I’m no longer alone.


    • I So THANK YOU Lorelie for stopping by!! And your so right, we are Not alone, nor to we have to be in Addiction & Recovery! Hope your having a Great Memorial Day!! I’m listening to the Hydro Boats warm up and ready to race!! And waiting for the Jet Fighter Planes to pass by! It’s a Great Day! HUGS!


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